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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adding a Front Porch Roof

In this blog we are adding a new Front Porch Roof . This customer has had no protection from the rain at their front door. So I have added a Porch Roof over the door to protect people form getting wet while standing at the door. They were looking for something that was craftsman style. I think it turned out well and the customer was happy with the new addition to the front of their home as it was just a flat wall.
Here's are a few pictures of it, the final picture will be added soon. The roofing will be a low profile steel roof.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Installation of New Floor Laminate

This is a blog about some work I am doing for a customer who lives just up the street from me. Great customer and has a good sense of humor. We start by repairing a leaking pipe from a hot water tank that was punctured by a finish nail that was in the base trim and went through the wall plate and into a copper pipe from the Hot water tank. It had been leaking for some time. Not a big leak but enough that  over the past 2 or three years seeped into the sub floor underlay and being just particle board started to swell up. This created a large bump in the living room and the flooring was coming apart. So this is now under repair and just about complete. I will finish the flooring tomorrow Saturday.