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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Installing Cultured Stone

Installing Cultured Stone is like a Huge Puzzle. But most decks can be Stoned in to give the home a much new look and curb apeal.
This is a project that I finished a while back for a customer and now he has dry storage space under the deck after I installed a under the deck roof with a gutter system. This is a great way to utilize space the is usually wasted.
Here is the process of this project.
The front deck had a vinyl siding over it so I used the existing structure with some extra framing inside and a small concrete footing with rebar was poured so to tie in all post and set the stone on for a clean finished look.
You can see the concrete footing and new the tar paper installation. Next Install metal lath to the tar papered plywood.
After concrete scratch coat is installed and dry, you are ready to lay out rock to choose from and start at the corners or corner.
It's always best to lay out as much rock as you can to choose from while working on the big puzzle.
Start in a corner....
And away you go mortoring stone to the wall. This style of laystone was done for a dry stack look with no grout lines. It take alittle longer but makes a totally different look to it. It looks like dry stacked lime stone.

Almost Done... and Looks Like a Happy Customer with a new Look and dry storage to boot !

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