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Monday, January 27, 2014

Home interior face lift

Today I will be starting a new job that will be a Home interior face lift of a dwelling that was built in the late 80s. There are holes in the sheet rock from a power chair and from the customers head, where he had rocketed of his power chair because of the throttle. I will be taking pictures of the process of this project. They will be added later tonight or in the morning.
How to patch sheet rock holes properly with out fuss or stress is what I want to show you. 
It's a step by step process that will make you look like a pro.

First Step > is to mark your damaged area with a pencil line around the hole to be repaired. Allow about 1" around hole.

    Second step> Cut out the square hole you have marked with a dermal tool or sheet rock hole saw.
    Once you have made an opening you can see what you will have to block out behind the sheet rock hole. This will allow you to have a way to attach the rock with screws where there is no wood.

    Third Step > Install your backing board. 
    Make sure you don't sink you screws to much. You want them to be snug and a little more than flush with the painted wall side.

    Fourth Step >  Time to install your now sheet rock piece. Screw along edges to the stud and backer board.

    Fifth Step > Now time to cut through the paint and into the paper so that you and peel off a thin layer for paper and paint at the same time. About 1" ...Do this all away around the patched hole. 
    Remove the paper leaving a thin layer for paper covering the sheet rock chalk.

    Sixth Step > Use some fiberglass tape and go around the edges to keep it from creating cracks in the future.

    Seventh Step > Apply a thin layer of sheet rock mud covering the fiberglass tap.

    There you have it. Now your ready for sanding when it drys so you can put on another coat of mud. Three coats in thin layers are recommended with sanding and feathering out the edges. Ready then to apply texture or then prime and paint.

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