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Friday, May 23, 2014

San Juan Island Climbing Rose Trellis

Currently I am Working on a San Juan Island Climbing Rose Trellis for some very fine customers.
This Trellis isn't your standard constructed trellis. The parts for the trellis will be all datoed in giving  it a high quality look.
The owner designed the look for the ends of the main beam that will carry the trellis top. The were 48 datoed notches made to get the stunning look. Now if the rain would stop I might be able to get it installed. Installing this type of trellis must have dry weather not just for my tools but for putting it together. If the datoed notches get wet they will swell not allowing to fit the notches together because to the precise cuts.
Here are a few picture of before we Install the trellis and some of the parts cut.